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Welcome to our English page.  Here you will find links to the information we have available in our site for English speakers.

about us – The P&M TEAM

We are a team dedicated to the equestrian sports in the disciplines of show-jumping, dressage and endurance, as endorsed by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). Our mission is to achieve a high level of excellence in the training of horses and riders, and to help our clients reach their goals in the sport, with quality and safety – always keeping in mind that horses should be cherished and enjoyed.

We have worked together since 1995, making the most of our complementary skills to provide a holistic experience in equestrian disciplines. We have owned riding schools at three different equestrian clubs, managing, teaching, training and organizing events.

Since 2007, we decided to concentrate our efforts towards the application of the principles of the FEI Coaching System, in the form of intensive clinics and special classes – especially in areas of our country with little access to a high competition level. The project is to make top class riding possible at every level in every circumstance.

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We love to learn and teach.  So we decided to start our “clinics” to make the FEI Coaching System available to all levels of riders.

Patricia San Felice is a certified FEI Coaching System Level 2 Coach – also an FEA coach and a certified course designer.  Marta Acosta has been involved with the Coaching System from its begining, translating the clinics in South America, and all the literature to Spanish.

We especially recommend “Bs.As. & Horses” – an invitation to enjoy Buenos Aires and horses at the same time.  We offer a combination of jumping clinics, horse trials and tourism activities that should appeal to sport lovers and their families and friends.

Please visit our “Jumping Clinics” page for more detailed information.


2 comentarios el “ENGLISH

  1. Kuntal Thakore
    17 enero 10


    Pretty cool blog. I had no idea what equestrian sports was, but your blog explains it very well visually for non-Spanish native speaker.

    Fellow Blogger

    • pymequitacion
      17 enero 10

      Thank you. We are glad you enjoyed it. We hope it will inspire you to get to know horses better. They are exceptional creatures. P&M


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