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The P&M Jumping Clinics

Buenos Aires & Horses

A new proposal. Jumping clinics in Buenos Aires and Pinamar – a beach resort – given by real professionals, combined with tourism activities for both riders and their families and friends.

The clinics can be organized for 2 days (weekends), 4 days (a week) or 8 days (two weeks). They are tailored to the interested groups, with a minimum of 3 riders. We can also organize individual classes. We need a minimum of 15 days advanced notice for a really good organization.

A lot more to do in Bs.As.:

  • Tours of the city and suburbs
  • Shopping tours – leather and tack shops
  • Shows, tango, museums and exhibitions
  • Golf – Tennis – Polo
  • Visits to estancias and horse breeders
  • Travel to Patagonia, Iguazú, wineries in Mendoza, and many other options
  • Hotels, apart-hotels and bed & breakfast
  • Transfers and car rental

The P&M Clinics

Our clinics are based on the principles of the FEI Coaching System, adapted to the different riders´ levels. We are convinced that a top quality technique is the ideal platform for the progress of riders toward high level competition. We apply these principles together with our vast experience with students from beginner categories to international competitors.

The program includes:

  • flatwork – position, aids, transitions
  • gymnastics and exercises
  • course jumping,
  • competition strategy
  • rules and basic notions of course design.

P&M clinics are basically geared towards the basic principles of riding. We work creating a solid base of technical knowledge that riders may apply at their own pace as their experience and ability grow. This approach brings benefits both novice riders and those already competing at more advanced levels.

Novice riders receive great quality instructions, based on the most modern technical principles supported by the Development Department of the F.E.I. Riders receive the most updated technical concepts of our sport. The clinics give advanced riders an opportunity to refine their own technique incorporating those methods that prove most useful to advance their own competitive level.

The clinics reinforce the work of regular trainers and, at the same time, brings a fresh approach. The same ideas, coming from a different voice or with a different wording, refresh learning. We know this because we also have regular students. For that reason we value the presence of regular instructors in our clinics. Their knowledge of the student and the follow up on the work accomplished are a great contribution to them.

Our system is based mainly in the experience and well known career of Mrs. Patricia San Felice. The methods, exercises, approaches, are a combination of years of experience as a riding instructor together and constant updating through FEI courses, clinics and private classes with well known coaches such as Gerry Mullins, Vitor Alves Teixeira, Joe Fargis, John Madden, Dominique Flament, Dominie Morgan.

The Groups

The groups are put together according to the riders’ level. However, we like to include a mix of more advanced riders to “level up”, and at the same time they reinforce their own abilities sharing them with less experienced riders.

Before the clinic, we like to have as much information as possible about the participants: age, time they have been riding, ability level, competitive level, expectations, their approach to the sport, and the characteristics and experience of their horses.

The Content of Clinics

They are based on the group’s previous knowledge, on continuity – in case the groups are able to take more than one clinic, and on the expectations of the group and their specific requirements. According to that we prepare the work based on a wide vriety of exercises and methods. Exercises are prepared according to the riding level of the students, but the fundamentals are always the same.

The Instructors

Most times, instructors do not like to “share” their students with other professionals. However, we always like to stress two important points:

  • Students who come to the clinics already know how to riderelatively well. Otherwise, they would not be able to accomplish the intensive work and tough rhythm. This is their instructors’ sole merit.
  • For the clinic to represent a long term benefit, it is important that there is continuity in the daily work. That means that the instructor should include in his classes those aspects of the clinic that seemed useful to him.

The presence of their regular instructors at the clinic helps the students to feel more confident. They feel supported. And the exchange of knowledge and opinions is enriching for everybody. There is always room for learning and growth.


The participants should investigate the clinitian’s background, her experience, the opinions of previous participants and their instructors. And they should have a relatively clear idea of what they expect from the clinic: improve their knowledge, improve their competitive performance, solve a specific problem, learn a different approach to teaching. If they are able to convey their expectations to the instructor, they have a better chance to meet their objectives.

Our expectation is that the participants finish the clinic with the feeling of having progressed and enriched their sport “archive”. It is also important for us that the instructors feel that we have contributed in any way to their work – with a new approach or simply reinforcing the concepts they teach daily.

The Instructor:  Patricia San Felice

A Senior rider, she competes actively in 1.40/1.45 m. show jumping courses, both national and international. She also competes in FEI Endurance races, and has been a member of national eventing teams. A certified FEI and FEA coach, she participates in the FEI Coaching System Development.

Has taken numerous clinics and courses with renowned international trainers: Jean Philippe Camboulives, Gerry Mullins, Vitor Alves Teixeira, Dominique Flament, Domini Morgan, Joe Fargis y John Madden.

She has trained Children and Junior riders in international competitions, both in jumping and dressage, and her students have obtained National Championships in jumping, dressage and pony categories.

Currently coaches private students.

FEA certified course designer for courses up 1.30 m and for Ponies.



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